Will a PS2"Guitar Hero II"guitar work with"Rock Band"for PS2?

Answer According to the compatibility chart available at Harmonix's official Rock Band website, the guitars that ship with Guitar Hero 2 for the Playstation 2 are believed to be compatible with both Rock ... Read More »

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Does Guitar Hero guitar controller work with all Guitar Hero games for Xbox 360?

The guitar controller made for the "Guitar Hero" series of games on the Microsoft Xbox 360 works for all games in the series, beginning with "Guitar Hero 2" and continuing through more recent relea... Read More »

Will a Guitar Hero 3 PS3 controller work with Guitar Hero 2?

The Guitar Hero III wireless Les Paul guitar controller will not function with Guitar Hero II on the PlayStation 3. Guitar Hero II was developed by Harmonix, and Guitar Hero III was developed by Ne... Read More »

Will my PS3 guitar hero controller work with the PC guitar hero?

The Gibson Les Paul guitar, released with "Guitar Hero: World Tour" on the PlayStation 3, can be used to control the PC version of the game. To enable this function, you need to plug the USB dongle... Read More »

Does Guitar Hero III for PS2 work on a PS3?

The PlayStation 3 runs all of the PlayStation 2 games. The Guitar Hero 3 guitar controller that works on the PS2, however, does not work on the PS3. Third-party manufacturers--such as the Ant Comma... Read More »