Will a Netgear wireless router work with Nintendo DS Wi-Fi?

Answer Yes, a Netgear brand wireless router will work with Nintendo DS Wi-Fi. Nintendo offers a list of Netgear specific routers on its official site along with specific instructions on how to adapt the r... Read More »

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My NETGEAR wireless internet router won't work!! PLEASE help! 10 points!?

Check this out and maybe you'll have a clearer understanding of what to do. When you tried to reset did you hold it down for long enough? This troubleshooting article suggests holding it down for 2... Read More »

Netgear Universal WN3000RP Wi-Fi Range Extender does it work on a "ARRIS" wireless router?

If your Arris has a free ethernet port then the answer is yes. In this respect all you need to do is this:1-Plug one of the range extender into the wall mains power socket2- Get a Ethernet network ... Read More »

Can someone tell me what would interfere with a wireless router in a house It is a netgear router..?

Wireless Home Security Systems can possibly interfere with your router depending on the frequency of each.

How Do I Turn on the Wireless Network With a Netgear WGR-614 Wireless Router?

A Netgear wireless router allows you to use an Internet connection throughout your home or office without the hassle of a wired connection. The WGR-614 provides a fast connection and allows multipl... Read More »