Will a Leaking Exhaust Manifold Only Make Noise When Cold?

Answer Operating a boat with a leaking exhaust manifold is wrong on many levels. If the leaky manifold is hissing like a tea kettle, it may be caused by one of two things: a damaged exhaust manifold water... Read More »

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Intake Manifold Vs. Exhaust Manifold?

Engines require a lot of airflow in order to work efficiently. An engine's manifolds, both intake and exhaust, work to transfer air within the engine to increase its performance.

How to Tell if an Intake Manifold Is Leaking?

If an intake manifold is leaking, excess air gets into the manifold and disturbs the air-fuel ratio. The air-fuel ratio on most cars is 14 parts air to 1 part fuel. If excess air disturbs that rati... Read More »

Leaking Manifold Gasket in a Chevrolet?

Your Chevrolet's exhaust manifolds and gaskets are subject to a lot of abuse under normal driving conditions. Being bolted directly to the exhaust outlet of the engine, the exhaust manifolds experi... Read More »

What Are the Signs of a Leaking Intake Manifold?

A leaking intake manifold can severely disrupt a vehicle engine's performance and cause a variety of abnormal engine signs and symptoms. Leaky intake manifolds prevent the adequate flow of air and ... Read More »