Will a Korean iPhone work in Australia?

Answer Oh! certainly not for some apps, that means they are free. Wanna find em search in the internet, or search the videos in youtube. The apps in the app store are not for free they need some amount of... Read More »

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Will an iPhone purchased in the USA work in Australia?

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Will your iPhone 3G work in Australia?

Yeah its very good I am using Apple Iphone 3G with very happlily :)

Will your iPhone 3gs purchased in the US work in Australia?

you could do so by unlocking the phone 3 wayscall att get authorized unlockuse thin sim to unlockinstall software on the phone to unlockotherwise the phone is locked to the carrier atti would sugge... Read More »

If you buy an iphone 4 from the U.S and bring it to Australia wil it work. do i just have to unlock it. can you do that. what sim card does it work with?

If the iPhone is factory unlocked,yes u can use it If not,nope U have to jailbrake it and unlock it. Still no unlock for the 4-th iPhone Maybe the next week it's gonna to be a release