Will a Iphone 4 case fit a nokia 5230?

Answer I bought a Lilly case for my iPhone 4 in the fall and it has protected my phone very well even after all the times I have dropped it, but a few weeks after I bought the case the design started peel... Read More »

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Is the nokia 5230 an android phone?

the nokia 5230 is not a good phone as it is not a androidi would not reccomend that you buy this phone verry much verry much ThANxS

How do you install android in Nokia 5230?

You don't install Android on Nokia 5230. It's just not possible.

Is the Nokia 5230 wifi enabled?

no it is not wi fi enabled....this is a drawback....but it has 3g

My nokia 5230 doesnt want to download themes?

go into ur app manager settings and turn certificate check 'off' and see if that helps. Change it back when u are done and only do it for themes, not apps.Try nokia store for themeshttp://store.ovi... Read More »