Will a Dell recovery CD work on any computer?

Answer On One Hand: Windows is InstallableOwners of Dell computers who have a recovery CD may notice that the disc looks very much like a Windows install disk. Because the CD contains an installation copy... Read More »

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How do I do a System Recovery for a Dell Computer, that runs on Windows XP?

See this: Also this...…

Do recovery disks wipe your computer memory when you are using windows 7, like microsoft work documents etc?

A recovery disc is exactly the same as the old installation disc. Just another name for it.It will format your drive and reinstall the OS and you WILL loseeverything that has been installed.It can ... Read More »

Will Dell DataSafe work with the computer off?

Dell DataSafe is an online file backup application available through Dell Computer company. Your computer power must be on, since the application needs to access your hard drive to select and copy... Read More »

Will a hp printer work in a dell computer?

Yes. As long as you have the printer drivers (should be on the cd that came with the printer itself) installed and a usb cord for the printer to connect to the cpu.You can also go the http://www.h... Read More »