Will a Dell Studio 17 work with a digital projector?

Answer You can hook a Dell Studio 17 to a digital projector with either a VGA cord (the standard cord that desktops use for connection to a monitor) or an HDMI cord, since the Studio 17 supports this kind... Read More »

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Will asus eee laptops work with a projector?

Because all Asus EEE laptops are equipped with both VGA and USB ports, they can work with a VGA-port-equipped projector. You can either make a direct connection from the VGA port to the projector ... Read More »

How do i make it so my mic will work with ACID music studio 8?

This may help :…

Will My Sanyo Fh1 Work With Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9?

Hey, I'm here to help you ;)So I investigated it, on reviews to the Vegas Movie Studio..and I came to a conclusion that yes.It says it'll accept your videos, or DVDs or whatevs.

Will Dell DataSafe work with the computer off?

Dell DataSafe is an online file backup application available through Dell Computer company. Your computer power must be on, since the application needs to access your hard drive to select and copy... Read More »