Will a DeadFast Greenhouse Sulphur Candle kill bed bugs?

Answer Although sulphur candles were used in the past as a bed bug treatment, Growing Success' DeadFast Greenhouse candles only claim to be effective on exposed surfaces. This means the candle is unlikely... Read More »

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What will kill lady bugs?

Although very beneficial to garden plants, ladybugs can be a serious nuisance when they enter a house. Some species of ladybug will pinch or bite people when they feel threatened, which, while non-... Read More »

What will kill chinch bugs?

Effective insecticides to kill chinch bugs are products containing the chemicals bifenthrin, acephate, diazinon, permethrin carbaryl, imidacloprid, nematodes or chlorpyrifos. It also helps to prop... Read More »

What will kill mealy bugs on violets?

Try rubbing the leaves with a cotton swab soaked with rubbing alcohol. For heavy infestation, you may need Acephate or Melathion, and you should apply according to the bottle's directions. Another ... Read More »

How do you kill water bugs of the Notonecta Species also called Backswimmer Bugs in a swimming pool?

Killing water bugs I am quoting a post in that was in pool problems.... This worked VERY well for me. No more bugs! I used BioGuard Back Up as my algecide. Once I balanced the water, I shocked it ... Read More »