Will a Creditor Take Profit Sharing After the Death of a Spouse?

Answer In the United States, when you pass away while still owing unpaid debt, your spouse cannot inherit that debt. There are some cases where your spouse can still be legally responsible for repaying th... Read More »

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Is a spouse responsible for the unsecured debt after the death of a spouse?

In many cases, a credit card company will write-off debt of a spouse if the credit card was solely in the name of the deceased. If you have co-signed on the debt, you will be responsible for paying... Read More »

How Do I Get My Profit Sharing After the Company Closes?

Profit sharing is a corporate incentive program, based on a company's profitability, through which compensation is placed in an account that pays employees either directly or indirectly. Direct pay... Read More »

Depression After the Death of a Spouse?

Following the death of a spouse, a widow or widower is likely to experience a certain amount of depression during the bereavement period. Depression can be part of a normal expression of grief for ... Read More »

How to Date After the Death of a Spouse?

Death is a bare truth of life that cannot be avoided and when it is one of your close ones as your partner, it becomes too tough and difficult to accept life. Some steps that may help you overcome ... Read More »