Will a Creditor Take Profit Sharing After the Death of a Spouse?

Answer In the United States, when you pass away while still owing unpaid debt, your spouse cannot inherit that debt. There are some cases where your spouse can still be legally responsible for repaying th... Read More »

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Is a spouse responsible for the unsecured debt after the death of a spouse?

In many cases, a credit card company will write-off debt of a spouse if the credit card was solely in the name of the deceased. If you have co-signed on the debt, you will be responsible for paying... Read More »

How to Calculate Profit Sharing?

Some companies introduce profit-sharing plans as a way to create an incentive for employees to work harder and more efficiently. To implement a profit-sharing plan, executive management or the boar... Read More »

What is a profit sharing bond?

A profit sharing bond is a security that earns a specific interest rate. The bond holder also earns dividends from the company issuing the bond.PaymentProfit sharing bonds are issued with the inten... Read More »

Profit-Sharing Limits?

Profit sharing is a pay option companies use to compensate employees for their work. Most plans allow employees to earn a percentage share of either total sales or total profits, depending on the c... Read More »