Will a Car Battery Recharge Itself After Being Dead?

Answer Even for the least initiated among us, the car battery presents little mystery when compared with the rest of the automotive repair world. A dead battery can usually be recharged with a jump from a... Read More »

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Can You Recharge a Marine Battery From Being Completely Dead?

You can recharge a marine battery from being completely dead, provided you do it within a few hours, and do it carefully. Completely discharging the battery results in sulfation, which chemically s... Read More »

Does an Infiniti battery recharge itself?

Due to the Newton's second law of thermodynamics, perpetual motion machines are impossible, thus no battery can "recharge itself". The luxury cars produced by Infiniti do include a charging system ... Read More »

How to Recharge a Dead Battery?

There are a variety of batteries that range between the simple AA and AAA batteries used in everyday remotes, toys and other items to car batteries. Beyond basic sizing differences, there are diffe... Read More »

Can you recharge a dead Li-ion battery?

Yes, you can recharge a dead Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery. In fact, a deliberate full discharge and recharge of a Li-ion battery every 30 or so charges can actually prolong its life. Frequent full ... Read More »