Will a Bad Spark Plug Make My Car Sputter?

Answer Spark plugs serve one of the most important functions on the automotive internal combustion engine. They receive a high-voltage, timed spark from the ignition coil, distribution system and plug wir... Read More »

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How to Make a Spark Plug Wire Longer?

You did some engine customization and added or relocated a few components. Now, one or more of your OEM spark plug wires no longer reach the plugs. It's a headache, particularly with high-performan... Read More »

Do Spark Plug Wires Make a Difference?

The condition of your plug wires can make a definite difference in how your vehicle runs. Worn or damaged spark plug wires can cause engine sputter or misfiring. A bad plug wire can prevent the eng... Read More »

Will Removing the Spark Plug Wire Make the Rod Knock Go Away?

Eliminating the ignition source for the cylinder exhibiting rod knock does seem to make the defect disappear. However, a rod knock indicates a mechanical problem at the bottom end of the piston-con... Read More »

What Is the Order to Plug the Spark Plug Wires Into a Distributor Cap on a 1994 Dodge RAM Van?

The 1994 Dodge RAM 1500 van came equipped with a 3.9-liter V-6, or a 5.2-liter V-8 engine. The distributor sends spark to the spark plugs in a specific firing order via the spark plug wires. The sp... Read More »