Will a 7970 do good with the phenom II x4 945 cpu?

Answer Depending on the gaming, it is possible to be bottlenecking. The CPU you describe is approximately an FX-4100 or i3-2120. They are budget new builds. Typically, you would limit to GTX 560 ti at tha... Read More »

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Will a Radeon 7970 fit a...?

Yes it will work fine, if you have the money and enough power you could even run two 7970 is Crossfire configuration. But that is not needed

Is a phenom x3 8400 processor compatible with an asus m2n68-la motherboard?

The Asus M2N68-LA motherboard will not support an AMD Phenom X3 8400 processor. The fastest processor available for this motherboard is the AMD Athlon 64 X2 with dual core technology up to 5600+.Re... Read More »

680 SLI or 7970 Crossfire?

for most games you will get slightly better Performance using the 7970s in crossfire.though the difference will only be a couple of frames.

Nvidia's gtx 670 or radeon's Hd 7970?

Although at face value, it appears the [reference model] Radeon HD 7970 would beat a reference model GTX 670. If you look at more benchmarks such as the Anandtech one, you'll see how close these c... Read More »