Will a 750watt Apevia PSU have enough juice to run *two* 4870x2's ?

Answer quote souce "The Radeon HD 4870 X2 uses two PCI-express power connectors, an eight pin and a six-pin. The 6-pin connectors, like the PCI-Express x16 slot itself, deliver up to 75W of power. The 8-p... Read More »

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Will my PSU have enough juice to power this setup?

As long as you won't be overclocking both the CPU and GPU at the same time then yes, it is plenty enough. You could get away with overclocking the CPU a little bit but the new gtx 600 series over c... Read More »

Will i have enough psu power to run ...?

A 575W PSU if it really supplies 575W to your system, is pretty damn adequate for what you are using it for. Heck, 550W can easily power a high end i7-3770 Ivi Bridge CPU and a high end HD7970 easi... Read More »

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