Will a 60-mm scope fit on a Mini-14?

Answer Yes, a 60-mm scope will fit on a Ruger Mini-14 rifle. When a scope is described as 60 mm, it is in reference to the scope's objective lens. The larger the objective lens, the larger the field of vi... Read More »

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Will a 50 mm scope fit on a mini-14 rifle?

Yes, a Ruger mini-14 rifle will accommodate a 50 mm scope. When a scope is referred to as 50 mm, it means that the scope's objective lens is 50 mm wide, which provides a larger field of view. The o... Read More »

How to Mount a Red Dot Scope on a Mini 14?

Fitting your Mini-14 with a red dot scope is sure fire way to increase your confidence in the accuracy of the weapon, especially on Ruger's semiautomatic, .233-caliber Remington chambered Ranch Rif... Read More »

What is a good scope for a Ruger Mini 30?

On One Hand: Fixed PowerThe Ruger Mini Thirty rifle is chambered for 7.62 x 39 mm bullets. This bullet was popularized by the AK-47 rifle and is designed for medium-range engagements. The scope yo... Read More »

What type of scope goes on a Mini-14 Target rifle?

The Ruger mini-14 rifle is chambered in .223 caliber and has an effective range of approximately 600 yards. The rifle can accommodate a number of scopes, but it works best with those that have a We... Read More »