Will a 529 plan pay for flight training AT A FLIGHT UNIVERSITY?

Answer It should, yes; my cousin's a pilot and he said it should

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Commercial Flight Training - How To Fund Flight School Training?

Loans and scholarships are the traditional ways to fund your flight school training, and flight schools themselves allow students to 'pay as you go' to spread the financial burden over the duration... Read More »

Financing Flight School - Which Is The Best e-Guide For Flight Training Financing?

Fund Your Flying by Nathan M. HopkinsI recommend this guide for 2 reasons:1. It's a downloadable report that gives you the inside view of financing flight school training. It reveals options beyon... Read More »

How to Plan an IFR Flight?

Instrument Flight Rating, referred to as IFR, is a highly technical aspect of flying. Filing an IFR plan is a necessary component of flying "in the soup." "The soup" refers to heavy clouds, fog or ... Read More »

What is the average flight time before a solo flight?

Flight time before a solo flight averages between 10 and 20 hours, depending on the skill of the student and the competency of the instructor. Most students solo within 25 hours. Other factors, suc... Read More »