Will a 400 watt atx psu power 8 devices .......?

Answer i would go with a 600-700w PSU just to be on the safe side.i mean 7 hard-drives is a lot

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If i install a 350 watt graphic card on a 450 watt smps power supply. will it work?

It'll work but the problem is, your PSU will work FULLON to provide the power at high rate and will draw more power from the Ac board :)When you doing some high game play or video editingso the pos... Read More »

Will a 100-watt power inverter power an Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 will run with a 100-watt power inverter in your car. The Xbox 360 only requires 65 watts of power to work. You can find Xbox 360s in most big box stores and electronic stores.Source:Ko... Read More »

What Will a 5000 Watt Generator Power?

A 5,000 watt generator will power most home appliances, including a furnace, refrigerator or freezer as well as some lights. The total peak power consumption of everything connected to the generato... Read More »

How many appliances will a 3700 watt generator power?

The wattage rating of an appliance represents its power consumption per hour, so how many appliances a 3,700-watt generator can power depends on both the appliances and how they are used. If you ar... Read More »