Will a 120V 60Hz refrigerator operate properly with 120V 50Hz electrical supply?

Answer Answer Possibly. The device will not be harmed, but the fan motors and compressor will run slower making it operate below its intended levels.It will not work as wekk on 50hz as it did on 60hz, b... Read More »

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What happens to a 120V 60HZ refrigerator when connected to a 240V 50HZ using a voltage converter?

Answer I have a Maytag, two door with ice maker, and it works perfectly. Have talked with other expatriates and no one has a problem.

Are there any problems using appliances purchased for 120v 60Hz electricity on 120v 50Hz electricity?

A very important note There is no such thing as a 120 volt 50 Hz service! (But see >> Correction!

Sharp Vacuum cleaner Power Supply 120v AC 60Hz 11W to 24V DC 250mA For Portable VacuumCleaner Ability?

The first method of refrigeration (cooling air by the evaporation of liquids in a vacuum) was invented in 1748 by William Cullen of the University of Glasgow, Scotland; Cullen did not apply his dis... Read More »

Will a 230V 50Hz appliance work on a 240V 60Hz supply. In Canada we have 240V 60Hz and European kitchen appliances are made for 230V 50Hz. Can you use an EU fridge oven cooktop dishwasher microwave?

It depends on the appliance; some motors rely on the mains frequency of 50Hz to operate at the correct speed so changing to 60Hz might cause problems. It's probably best to check the manufacturer's... Read More »