Will Zinc Make Your Breasts Grow Faster?

Answer On One Hand: There is no proven way to enhance breast growth.Despite the many advertisements you may see in the back of magazines and on the Internet, there is no proven way to increase the rate of... Read More »

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Will cutting your hair make it grow faster?

Cutting your hair will not make it grow faster. Hair has a biological growth rate and cutting it does not change that rate. Hair grows approximately one-half inch per month. Short hair often appear... Read More »

Do you think talking to your plants will make them grow faster?

yes the do i seen it on mythbusters today

Will Hair,Skin, & nail vitimans make your hair grow faster?

It doesn't necessarily make hair grow faster, but it does make the hair stronger so that it won't break easily therefore allowing it to grow longer

Can beer make your breasts grow?

Actually yes! If you've ever watched the show Manswers (on Spike) There is an ingredients in the Hops used in beer that's used in breast enhancement pills. But to drink the amount that you would ne... Read More »