Will ZOTAC GT 630 2GB DDR3 Synergy Edition Graphic Card support my computer?

Answer I assume you have no problem with any other parts of the computer. These two will work yes. But battlefield 3 and gta V I don't think so, not on high settings anyway. But a lot of the fun are in th... Read More »

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Can i use ddr3 graphic card in p5k-vm motherboard?

dude since the p5k-vm is based on a G31 chipset you can install any graphic card which is PCI-E 16x compliant ......................................if you mean ram .... normal ram not graphic card ... Read More »

Will a ati radeon 1gb ddr3 support pentium4 pc?

hi sahan the main problem with a Pentium 4 pc is not if the Pentium 4 itself is a issue,but more the motherboard compatibility,since most Pentium 4 based motherboards ( socket 478 an... Read More »

Does a DDR2 motherboard support a DDR3 graphics card Plz help.Processor: Intel core 2 duo CPU @2.00 GHZ ?

Yes. The memory on the GPU is different from system memory.

Will my computer power supply support this graphics card?

since u have 300w and its requirements say 300w it will work but not to its fullest. The more power you can feed it the more it can do.