Will YouTube users be sued for copyright infringement?

Answer As a result of the lawsuit "Viacom is forbidden from targeting individual users in the manner of the Recording Industry Association of America's lawsuits against individuals found to be downloading... Read More »

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What artist was first sued for copyright infringement of his own songs?

In 1985, Fantasy Records sued singer/songwriter John Fogerty, claiming his song "The Old Man Down the Road," released by Warner, was an infringement on his song, "Run Through the Jungle," released ... Read More »

Youtube Copyright Infringement?

So far the content is all yours they will not suspend your account. They are suspending account in extreame cases or repeated cases.If you are 100% sure that the video u have made is all yours incl... Read More »

Copyright infringement on Youtube?

Nooooo way would you or could you be sued or fined...Almost every video i upload with music in it has that formality warning sent to me via Email. The copyright is about the music in your videos an... Read More »

How to Unblock Copyright Infringement on Youtube?

This article would benefit from screenshots. You can help wikiHow by reading Take Screenshots for wikiHow for instructions. Notice added on {{{date}}}.Your videos on YouTube may be blocked mistaken... Read More »