Will YouTube last ?

Answer It would have to. The site works because it is free, if they started trying to charge for it another site would just replace it. People would still be searching for a free way to post their videos ... Read More »

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WITH JUST OVER A WEEK TO GO - Before BB9 Starts - Do You Think This Is The Last - The Very Last We Will Be....?

without even looking at the link suzy i know its about channelle , she's done alright out of her BB experience time for her to do one ...forever see ya channelle would... Read More »

What is the difference between a living will&a last will&testament?

A living will and a last will and testament are two separate legal concepts and are completely unrelated. A living will deals with medical treatment during an individual's lifetime. A last will an... Read More »

How long will a spacesave spare tyre last until it bursts or will it not burst if i keep under a speed limit.?

Have a look on side wall all notices are there what ever the tyre.…

R&P: What was the last song you couldn't find on youtube?

Suicidal. Hi.Siouxsie and the Banshees' Monitor. The studio version , that is. I don't care for Siouxsie live , they sound pretty shite.BA : Mark E SmithBA2 : nothing at all