Will YouTube Get Mad At Me For This?

Answer Probably neither. Youtube might congratulate you on how much you uploaded, but it really depends on the content.Also You're probably going to put youtube on the brink of needing another server (alo... Read More »

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Will you watch this hilarious video I found on YouTube?

Why do i get this message, "YouTube is down for maintenance and will be back shortly"?

it's ok, I *THINK* it means that Youtube is just down for maintenance and they will be back shortly, but i'm not SURE ... however, you are free to make your own interpretations of that.

Is this website a scam, I found a video on YouTube but not sure if it real or not

There asking for details email etc no CC details I guess you have nothing to lose, but I wouldn't do it. If its on the public domain its just a glorified chain letter you have to introduce people, ... Read More »

Star this if you miss YouTube.. Come back YouTube!!!! =(?

it's back and now I forgot what I was doing..