Will Windex work for cleaning a MacBook screen?

Answer Windex is alcohol based, Apple have said that this can cause astronomical damage to the screen if applied wrong, you should instead by the proper official Apple product for cleaning screens from th... Read More »

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Is windex good for cleaning hardwood flooring?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsWindex removes sticky residue and leaves most wood floors looking clean and shiny. Windex is often less costly than many cleaning products made specifically for har... Read More »

Can you use Windex on a laptop screen?

Using Windex-brand cleaners on your laptop computer's LCD screen is safe as long as it doesn't contain ammonia or any other strong chemicals. Certain Windex products may contain ammonia. Carefully ... Read More »

Can I use windex on my LCD computer screen?

You can use windex as long as you dont spray it to the screen directly. A better mixture would be Isopropyl alchohal, mixed with distilled water 50:50

Can I use Windex on my computer screen?

The maker of Windex, S.C. Johnson and Son, does not recommend using Windex on today's liquid crystal diode (LCD) computer screens, which are made of a soft film that will be damaged by cleaners str... Read More »