Will Wikipedia take over the world one day?

Answer smaheds is right, google is gonna kill us all!

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What company do you think is likeliest to take Wikipedia over?

As much as Jimbo might love to sell Wikipedia, he is no longer in a position to do that. In June, 2003, well before it became as large and popular as it is today, Jimbo and his company Bomis (who ... Read More »

How to Take Over the World (Lady Gaga Style)?

Have you ever wanted to live your life Gaga style? Partying and wearing extreme and crazy outfits everyday, how amazing is that!? This article makes it seem almost possible!

When will Blu Ray take over?

I'm not excited about it, and I think it will be replaced.

How long will it take to download 5GB over 4.5Mbps?

It'll take around 5 hours to download 5 GB data at a speed of 4.5 Mbps.