Will Washing a Car With Soap Remove the Wax?

Answer A waxed automobile typically maintains its applied coat between one to three months, yet at times a manual removal is needed. Scrubbing the vehicle with dish soap is one common way to gently strip ... Read More »

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Am i the only one that doesnt like washing with bar soap?

I got rid of the bar soap years ago. Liquid are easier to rinse off and soap scum doesn't build up

Is washing a child's mouth out with soap for repeated use of bad words considered child abuse?

AnswerIn south Fl a family made a child wash her mouth out with soap, she had a reaction and had to be taken to the hostpital, when the doctors asked what happend the mother told him the whole stor... Read More »

Will pressure washing remove an old deck finish?

There are many benefits to pressure washing. It allows you to quickly and easily strip old finishes from your deck, including old stain or paint. Power washing is also good for cleaning and prepari... Read More »

Washing your hands with water vs. soap and water?

soap breaks down dirt and other "bacteria" on your hands. if you stick your hand in margin the grease won't come off unless you use soap because water does not have enough to break down the surface... Read More »