Will USB flash drives replace floppies in the future?

Answer you mean people still have files that are less than 1.44mb? wow....I say they already replaced them IMO

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Will usb flash drives work with windows 98?

USB flash drives can work with Windows 98. However, because the operating system does not contain a built-in driver for these drives, you must download and install the correct driver from the USB ... Read More »

What flash drives will work with windows 98?

Windows 98 does not come with resident USB flash drive support. Most manufacturers now provide drivers to support their USB flash drives in Windows 98, which usually comes on a CD or can be downloa... Read More »

How do thumb drives work (Flash drives) Please see details.?

Yeah man I had THE EXACT same thing happen to me. The flashdrives are life savers man trust me and yes you can take and transfer files between computers - I have a vista computer, a xp and my broth... Read More »

Do flash drives and jump drives compress data?

Most flash drives and jump drives do not compress data, unless you use the Sony Microvault, which has a built-in compression program. However, you can install compression programs on any flash driv... Read More »