Will Topsoil Help My Lawn?

Answer Topsoil refers to the uppermost layer of earth that has been created over centuries. This occurs from the combined physical and chemical actions of climate on rocks and the accumulation of decayed ... Read More »

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How do I add topsoil to a lawn?

Top-dress the Lawn with TopsoilDistribute piles of topsoil evenly around the yard.Spread the TopsoilRake with a flat-surface tool such as the back of a garden rake to spread the topsoil. Spread the... Read More »

Can I put topsoil on top of my lawn?

Applying topsoil over an existing lawn, called top dressing, replenishes the soil's nutrients, improves drainage and fills in patchy or bare areas in the lawn. Apply topsoil annually in the spring ... Read More »

Why Fill in Lawn Depressions With Topsoil?

Much issue is made with making sure the grade of the lawn is correct. The grade is how the land slopes, and with lawns it is customary to ensure that the grade of the land slopes away from building... Read More »

Why Soaking Your Grass Seeds in Liquid Tea Will Help Repair a Lawn?

When repairing a lawn, a gardener wants new patches to fill in quickly so she doesn't have ugly bare spots in her grass any longer than necessary. Poor germination rates of some seed can cause patc... Read More »