Will Too Much Carb Cleaner Damage a Car?

Answer Carburetor cleaners are made with trichlorethlyene and are powerful solvents that remove grease, rust and accumulated dirt. Because carburetor cleaners are so strong, you should use them with cauti... Read More »

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Will a steam cleaner damage stone?

The moisture, heat and steam pressure produced by steam cleaners can damage any unsealed stone. Steam cleaning can wear away stone surfaces, widen pores and cracks and even dissolve certain types o... Read More »

Will my physical body have damage even though I dont feel any pain when I subject it to damage?

obviouslyit hurts the body..not the soul, and soul controls only your emotions n has nothing to do with physical body!

Can orange glo floor cleaner damage laminate?

On One Hand: Reports Of DamageConsumers have reported that Orange Glo left a streaky, dirty residue on their laminate floors. While some reported permanent damage, others noted that the damage occu... Read More »

Why does your 91 corvette run bad and sounds like a vacuum cleaner sucking too much air at the throttle body to the hose to the air cleaner?

Answer Look at 2 things. Replace the air filter ASAP. Check to make sure the air intake before the filter is not clogged. Also check the exhaust system and see if you have a bent pipe somewhere. A... Read More »