Will Tomatoes Still Grow If a Section of the Upper Stalk Gets Broken Off?

Answer There's no better-tasting tomato than one you've grown yourself. Yet growing them has its challenges. Tomato plants are easily damaged in high winds or while being pruned or trained. Broken stalks ... Read More »

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Well, My upper tooth(right upper) was broken half leaving one third. This happened while i tried for bread sm?

Can I grow tomatoes from store-bought tomatoes?

Seeds from a store-bought tomato must be fermented before planting. This process takes approximately three days, and then the seeds must be dried for at least a week. For the best-tasting homegrown... Read More »

If you plant a grape stalk, what will grow from it?

Grapevines will grow from ripened, hardwood cuttings. Cut a 9- to 12-inch stalk with three to four buds in the dormant season. Treat the stalk with rooting hormone and plant it in a trench lined wi... Read More »

My Yucca Plant Doesn't Grow a Stalk?

Yuccas are prized for their tropical looks and general hardiness. All of the yucca 30 species feature stalks that produce creamy-white, bell-like flowers. Some have slender, towering stalks, while ... Read More »