Will Sony RDR-GXD455 work with DirecTV?

Answer The Sony RDR-GXD455 HD video recorder can be used to record shows off of a DirecTV device. Simply select the channel that you wish to record and program the RDR-GXD445 recorder to record at a cert... Read More »

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Will a Sony PlayStation remote work with a Sony Blu-ray player?

Although Sony makes both the PlayStation and a separate Blu-ray player, the PlayStation remote is not compatible with the stand alone Blu-ray player. The PS3 uses bluetooth technology, while the Bl... Read More »

Will a wireless USB work with DirecTV DVR?

A wireless USB adapter does not include its own processing information and is not compatible with a DirecTV DVR for wireless Internet access. The DirecTV USB port does allow for hookup of an exter... Read More »

Will any dvd recorder work with a directv hd receiver?

The DirectTV HD receiver features RCA audio and video outputs. Therefore, any DVD recorder with RCA video input capacity (which most DVD recorders have) is compatible with your DirectTV HD receiver... Read More »

Will Directv work with no telephone line?

You can receive Directv programming without a land-based phone line. However, you must have a phone line to use a digital video recorder (DVR), to order pay-per-view movies with no additional proce... Read More »