Will Sony RDR-GXD455 work with DirecTV?

Answer The Sony RDR-GXD455 HD video recorder can be used to record shows off of a DirecTV device. Simply select the channel that you wish to record and program the RDR-GXD445 recorder to record at a cert... Read More »

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We just bought a Sony Plasma and have also purchased a Sony receiver; we also have DirecTV. We ?

Looks like there is no video to the TV because you haven't connected the DirectTV box to the HTS. (or you connected it, but you have the HTS in the Wrong Source)Connect Video out from Direct TV to ... Read More »

Will directv id card work in other directv cable boxes that are not my own?

No. They will not due to the receivers being linked to a specific account number. This account number is called a CID. The CID is actionable to a specific lease agreement, that is specific to the r... Read More »

How to Add a DirecTV Code to a Sony Remote?

DirecTV has distributed dozens of different receiver models, many manufactured by different companies. Each receiver will require a different code to program it with a Sony remote control. Once thi... Read More »

Can I use a Sony satellite with a DirecTV receiver?

The Sony SAS-BD3 satellite television system with 18-inch dish was designed to work with DirecTV and will receive the DirecTV signal. The receiver is also DirecTV type and can be interchanged with ... Read More »