Will Sephora let me return this?

Answer if you have the receipt:go to sephora with the kit, ask to speak to the manager and explain your situationif you dont have the receipt:like someone else already said, complain to the murad company ... Read More »

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Can you return the "sample" sized things to Sephora?

Okay if You bought It with money/cash/atm debit card Yes you can,But if you didn't and if it was just a promo no you cant. If you have the receipt go ahead and return it

How to Get a Job With Sephora?

Getting a job at Sephora is not for everyone. To do the job well, you need to fit the part by knowing cosmetics and perfumes, taking care of yourself and knowing which products to recommend. But do... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Sephora?

The name Sephora originated in the land that is now Israel. In the Hebrew language, Sephora means beautiful bird. It is a variation of the biblical name Zipporah. The name Sephora is used mostly fo... Read More »

If you walked into Sephora with $60, what would you buy?

if i were you i would buy the little sets, benefit has tons of little sets for like 10 bucks and usually comes with 3 or more little sizes to test out, its a great way to try stuff from their line ... Read More »