Will Ray William Johnson make more videos?

Answer Of course! he makes the every week!

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Why would it take Johnson & Johnson 2 more years to remove cancer causing chemicals from its baby shampoo?

its a terrible fact that many companies produce products with toxic chemicals in them, especially for children. There are even baby formula powders that contain aspartame, its criminal.People need ... Read More »

Why do people think Ray William Johnson is funny?

I don't like him, either. I'm not sure why so people could possibly subscribe to him. The thing that i hate about him is that he gets views by showing stupid clips (that aren't even that funny, btw... Read More »

Will drinking more water make you more alkaline?

Actually no it will not. In a way it will make you more basic or less alkaline. Or other terms are less acidic. This happens because the salt in you blood stream is acidic. Drinking water will lowe... Read More »

Will Johnson City Gold Mt. Dew be available in Johnson City?

Johnson City is the site of its early release.