Will Photo Booth work on computers other than Apple?

Answer The Photo Booth software comes installed on all Mac computers and is exclusive to Apple products. Other operating systems have similar programs, but they are not the same as Photo Booth.Source:Appl... Read More »

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Will a Gateway keyboard work on other computers?

Gateway keyboards are compatible with computers from other manufacturers. However, the other computer must support the same interface as the Gateway keyboard. Older keyboards use six-pin PS/2 inter... Read More »

Why are some computers faster than other computers?

cpu, ram and storage, operation system and bios keep the fan and bus running.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Laptops rather than desktop computers other than portability?

One huge benefit is the battery. When the power goes out, a desktop abruptly shuts down, potentially causing loss of data and/or corruption of data if you were in the process of saving something. ... Read More »

Do the Apple In-Ear Headphones work with computers?

Yes but you must put them in the green port..... If it sounds weird like my other headphones did(non-apple) adjust the settings and turn it onto one side of balance and use that headphone