Will Pet Insurance Give Me Money if My Dog Dies?

Answer Some pet insurance companies offer plans that will cover the loss of your dog, up to a certain amount. An insurance coverage comparison site, the U.K.-based Brokers Online, notes that death due to ... Read More »

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If you have money in a savings account just for car emergencies do you still have to pay for car insurance or can you use your money as insurance?

Answer Let's assume that your state of residency does not require you to have insurance (although most of them do). You have an accident,the car(s) are seriously damaged. People are injured and it ... Read More »

How do you find out if insurance will pay the car off if your spouse dies?

Answer It is unlikely that a car loan has death benefits stipulations included. The best option is to contact the insurer and the lender ask about the terms of the loan agreement and the insurance ... Read More »

If someone runs a red light and hits you but they have no insurance but you are fully covered with your insurance will your insurance pay you for pain and sufferring then go after them for the money?

Yes, very likely If you have uninsured motorists coverage (required in most states) that is the coverage that will take care of your medical bills and pain and suffering. After your claim is paid ... Read More »

Is There Insurance on Equity Loans If the Homeowner Dies?

Home equity loans are mortgages, and as with conventional mortgages, equity loan borrowers sometimes die with unpaid balances owed on their homes. You can insure your equity loan debt in a couple o... Read More »