Will Perm Ruin my Hair like Rebonding is it that bad :O?

Answer Yes, a perm will damage your hair. Watch the movie "Good Hair" to understand more about a perm. A perm not only damages your hair but also gets into your blood stream. It may even interfere with yo... Read More »

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Will going swimming ruin my permenantly dyed hair?

First, you should know that there is no such thing as "hair dye". Will never see it on any label of colour. Even henna is not a dye, but a stain.Second, red is a colour that fades very fast. Chlori... Read More »

Hair Relaxer Vs. Rebonding?

There are various options for straightening curly hair these days. The most popular method involves using a chemical relaxer. In the last few years, rebonding treatments, also known as keratin tre... Read More »

How to Do Hair Rebonding at Home?

Rebonding is a chemical process that straightens the hair. This straightening method is available for all hair types. The chemicals break the natural bonds of the hair--whether curly or wavy--and r... Read More »

If people say that if you eat dessert before dinner, it will ruin your appetite?

actually, its the other way round... if you have sumthing salty, you shouldnt have anything sweet in the next 3 hrs but if you take in sumthing sweet, you can eat salty things 15 minutes after it..... Read More »