Will Pentax K-x lens fit a Pentax K-r camera?

Answer Yes. Both the K-x (2009) and K-r (2010) cameras use the Pentax KAF2 mount.

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Will a pentax K mount lens work with a Pentax K5D?

Yes, they will work perfectly in Manual and Aperture-priority modes without the need of an adapter. Make sure you set the focus switch on the body to manual so as not to destroy the AF motor. All t... Read More »

What type of lens fitting will fit the pentax me-super camera?

Pentax K-mount lenses.

Will using a Pentax AF240z flash gun on a digital Pentax 1st dl camara cause damage?

Answerit should be fine, the pentax240z flash trigger voltage has been measured at 4.8v I couldn't find the limit for the hotshoe voltage, but it is most likely very high. (Canons tend to be low ... Read More »

Is A3000 Pentax Lens Compatible with a K200D camera?

All Pentax DSLRs are compatible with all K-mount Pentax lenses, which is to say all of them back to the 1970s or thereabouts. I routinely use a f1.2 50mm lens from a K1000 on my K10D.The A3000 had... Read More »