When did Paul Revere marry Rachel Walker?

Answer Paul Revere's first wife, Sarah, died on May 3, 1773. He married Rachel Walker on October 10 of the same year. Paul and Rachel Revere went on to have eight children together, in addition to the eig... Read More »

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Do you think Nicole Richie will be a good mom?

I do. She's so excited and she wants this baby so much. I have seen her grow up a lot lately and I think she will meet the challenge with the same embrace she has in her life.

Hollyoaks: Will Texas marry Will?

DOOL do you think that Nicole and Eric will ever get back together?

Not to be rude but DUH! Thats exactly whats going to happen why else would they bring back Eric and have Nicole all of a sudden still in love with him when for years no mention of him what so ever.... Read More »

Will you marry Shanene?

Hi! You can go to and search for "michael suby". Then, you should download the mp3 file of the Michael_Suby_-_Pilot_Kyle_Eats.mp3...Hope it can be helpful. Have fun.If you have any ... Read More »