Will Nexium hurt my child?

Answer On One Hand: Consider the ConditionNexium is safe for treating certain conditions in children, but strictly follow specific dosage requirements. According to the Mayo Clinic, Nexium can be used to ... Read More »

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What does it mean if a child has lumps behind the ear and in the front and they hurt when the child opens their mouth and chews?

AnswerEveryone has lumps behind the ears and in the throat areas, as well as, in the head. These lumps are part of the lymph node system and some are just glands. When there is an infection in the ... Read More »

How old does a child need to be in Illinois to refuse to see one of their parents in a joint custody situation if one parent is causing mental anguish and the child is afraid of being physically hurt?

Answer causing mental anquish and being afraid of being physically hurt doesn't mean these things have happened. If there is phyical harm and mental anquish, have a Court determine such from medi... Read More »

Why does child birth hurt?

Childbirth requires a woman for force a rather large baby out of her body, the pain is caused by the tearing of muscles and tendons.Men should not answer questions regarding childbirth.The pain sta... Read More »

Does the child hep-b vaccination hurt?

No. it will only hurt if you think about it. honestly , all it is, is a pinch. I got mine yesterday. I was over exaderating. it is nothing compared to the flu shot or h1n1. you will be fine. just d... Read More »