Will My Water Pump Problems Cause My Car to Run Hot?

Answer There are at least a dozen reasons that a car may run hotter than normal and even overheat. A faulty water pump could cause problems with the cooling system, resulting in a car running too hot. Typ... Read More »

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What Problems Could a Broken Water Pump Cause?

Nothing good happens when an engine's water pump fails. The consequences of water pump failure in a marine engine are more extensive than the consequences in a car or truck. In a marine engine, the... Read More »

Can well water cause skin problems?

On One Hand: Dry Skin and IrritationWell water can cause excessively dry skin that can be itchy, flaky and irritated. The mineral deposits in the well water can strip the skin of its natural oils, ... Read More »

How to Check Auto Water Pump Problems?

The water pump is vital to your vehicle's cooling system. The water pump is powered by the engine and it sends coolant from the radiator to the engine and then back again. When a water pump begins ... Read More »

What Is the Most Likely Cause of a Percolator's Failure to Pump Water?

A percolator is used to make coffee, using a pump system that brings hot water up from inside the carafe and disperses it over the coffee grinds, which sit in a basket at the top. Percolate means t... Read More »