Will My Computer Manage Dual Monitors?

Answer It would work fine. If you are a PC gamer, you might want to disable the second monitor when playing games, as the performance may decrease. You can do this by pressing Windows Button + P, and then... Read More »

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How to Set Up Dual Computer Monitors?

Running dual monitors is an easy way to maximize desktop workspace. Common operating systems, such as Windows and Mac, have made it simple and convenient to connect an extra monitor. If you have an... Read More »

How can I set up my computer to run dual-monitors so I can play a game and surf the internet?

Have you tried a monitor plugged in on your laptopGo to your display properties turn on the second monitor, now find and put a check in the box marked "extend my desktop" you will have to dig aroun... Read More »

How do I get computer to recognize dual monitors after shutdown and startup?

Just update your video card drivers. Some versions are worse for this issue than others, but i know it's a common issue for many years among nvidia/amd cards.

I would like to set up Dual monitors on my HP m9000 desktop computer but not sure how?

Try the manual :…As long as you have the right adapter &/ cable to the inputs that are available on your monitors , You Hold down the Windows key & tap th... Read More »