Who did the photography for Stephenie meyer's the host cover?

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Describe the characters in Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer?

The Characters in Eclipse are...Riley- Pale white skin, short blonde hair, like a lean muscular look and tall. He was about 17 when he was changed.Bree- Pale white skin, long brunette hair, thin, a... Read More »

Who is the antagonist in the book"twilight"by stephenie meyer?

James is the main antagonist in "Twilight," a book by Stephenie Meyer. He is the leader of a group of vampires--which includes Victoria and Laurent--who want to kill Bella Swan, the protagonist of ... Read More »

Is Meyer a Jewish name?

The surname Meyer has German-Jewish and English origins. The English version comes from the name for early Anglo-Saxons who held office. In Germany, the names Meyer or Meier came from Northern Germ... Read More »

When is Meyer lemon season?

Meyer lemons, which are named for plant explorer Frank Meyer, are sweeter and less acidic than most other lemons. This variety, which originated in China, is now commercially grown in California’... Read More »