Will Microsoft ever release a new version of Windows that won't totally suck?

Answer i'm rebuilding my computer even as we speak. 98SE was the last windows that was any good. i finally started getting used to xp, even though i never could do anything with it, lol. but vista, it is ... Read More »

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What year did Microsoft release Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for Windows?

Microsoft Windows was released in 1987. Microsoft Excel was one of the first programs released for Windows. From 1987 until 1992, with Microsoft releases of Excel 2.0 and 3.0, no other spreadsheet ... Read More »

What year did Microsoft release Windows CE?

Microsoft released the first version, Version 1.0, of the Windows CE operating system for mini-computers and embedded systems in November 1996. The company released the improved Version 2.0 in Sept... Read More »

I have been told by Microsoft that my version of windows xp is not genuine, had it 8 this a scam !!!!?

Yes.The whole Microsoft thing is a scam - that's why Bill Gates is the richest bloke in the world!!What choice have you?, DOS? It's freaking scandalous - the whole world is being milked by a monop... Read More »

Can Microsoft FrontPage version 2003 run on Windows Vista?

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 can run on the operating system Windows Vista. According to the Windows Vista Compatibility Center, FrontPage can be installed and no further action is required for the 64-... Read More »