Are studded snow tires legal in michigan?

Answer Section 257.710 of Michigan's motor vehicle code pertains to the use of studded snow tires. It permits winter use on emergency vehicles. Administrative rule 247.173 allows studded tires in Lower Mi... Read More »

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Colleges in Michigan City, Indiana?

If you live in a smaller town, you often face the choice of whether to leave to another city in order to enroll in a college or to stay in your hometown and attend a local college. The choice, of c... Read More »

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Well MISHY, You sound just like your name, a stuck up witch who thinks she is better than everyone else. I couldn't help but laugh when you said you moved somewhere more cultural when you moved to... Read More »

Would heating roads with snow on them save money on gas for the snow plows?

It would work best in a city that heats skyscrapers using steam produced from a near by power facility. Putting those pipes closer to the surface to heats the roads is a great idea. However, to ... Read More »