Will Medicare pay for a knee walker?

Answer Medicare Part B covers 80 percent of the Medicare-approved cost (the patient must pay the other 20 percent) for a knee walker. However, coverage depends on medical necessity. Knee walkers are cover... Read More »

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How to Use a Knee Walker?

A knee walker enables movement with less exertion than crutches or a walker. Stabilizing only the injured knee on a padded surface frees your hands from balancing on a standard walker or shuffling ... Read More »

Does Medicare pay for a knee replacement?

If the knee replacement surgery is considered medically necessary, then Medicaid will cover the procedure. If the patient is hospitalized for at least three days and requires skilled nursing therap... Read More »

I have knee pain woke up and it is painful to extend the knee(only one knee) or bend it in a lot. what is up?

I would suspect you have a weak kidney. The knees can become weak due to this kidney issue. Being in sports and exerting yourself, especially hockey where you are in cold weather, you are not as ... Read More »

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