How to File a Complaint Against a Real Estate Broker in Jacksonville, Florida?

Answer During the course of real estate transactions, circumstances may arise that require you to file a complaint against a broker. Complaints against brokers in the state of Florida are filed through th... Read More »

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Will Google Authenticator work with securing my account against illicit purchases in Play Store?

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Is it true that it is against the law to remove a family member from a will?

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Will a ficus tree grow in Jacksonville?

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In Montana is it against the law if a 16 year old is pregnant from a 23 year old will he get charged with stach?

Yea, he can get charged with rape. He's older than 18, and she's only 16. She does not personally have to press charges against him if she does not wish to, but if her guardians wish to, then he wi... Read More »