Will Lighter or Darker Food Coloring Boil Faster?

Answer Darker colors absorb light and heat faster than lighter colors. Therefore, if a dark food color and a light food color were set at the same steady heat, the darker color would boil more quickly tha... Read More »

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Can food coloring dye make clear water evaporate faster?

Adding food coloring to water will change the boiling point. Food coloring is composed of molecules of NaCl, which is the molecular name for salt. Salt will raise the boiling point, allowing the wa... Read More »

Will food coloring kill fish?

Most versions of food coloring are non-toxic and safe for humans and animals. Adding just a few drops of coloring to a fish tank should not kill the fish. However, food coloring may be harmful to c... Read More »

What will happen if you mix food coloring with oil?

According to, food coloring is heavier than oil. Although the two ingredients may mix together while they are shaken, they will quickly separate once the motion stops. The oil will f... Read More »

Are darker or lighter sapphires more valuable?

The value of a sapphire stone is based on its size and its number of defects. The higher the number of defects the less valuable the sapphire. The quality of cut can also change the value of the st... Read More »