Will Jolene blaylock be in more legend of the Seeker episodes?

Answer No. She, as Nicci, died in "Perdition". Nicci (the character) was then brought back in another body using the same spell Denna used in "Resurrection".

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How many legend of the seeker episodes are left in the first season?

As of 05/16/09 21 of 22 first season episodes have aired.

What is legend of the seeker based on?

it was based on a series of novelds by terry goodkind, the series was called the "sword of truth" and was awesome. spans about 11 books with a prequel book called debt of bones. the first book in t... Read More »

When will the legend of the seeker season 2 be on tv in the UK?

When does series 2 of The Legend of the Seeker come to Sci-Fi UK?