Will Ibuprofen help reduce my pain, even though there is no swelling?

Answer yeah.. well its mainly used for inflammation but i would reccomend something else for pain. extra strength tylenol maybe or if your far more worse than that, go to a doc

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What causes pain with mild swelling just below the ear that can spread to the cheek and includes neck pain for flexion and turning toward the sore ear?

This is usually due to inflammation of parotid gland or lymph node inflammation.

Will ibuprofen reduce the redness of a sunburn?

I've never heard of it, but I know it reduces swelling and inflamation, so maybe it does reduce the appearance by getting rid of the inflamation. I'm glad he feels better!

I have taken 17 Ibuprofen and still in pain?

i am a medical student and have been dealing with pain for 1 1/2 years with my ankle ( 7 pins & a plate) so i know about pain...where is the pain and what kind of pain is it? let me know and i migh... Read More »

Will ibuprofen help with body pain?

I have taken ibuprofen for body pain and it seems to work. Simply doing a very light workout will help work the lactic acid that has caused soreness pump out.