Will I still lose weight Even if I ate these today?

Answer Hiyes you will and may I recommend truvia too you tastes just like sugar and has 0 calories :-)Have a wonderful day :-)

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Will I still lose weight Even if I ate these during today?

Yup everything is fine just take out the pepsi and do some cardio workout.

Will I lose weight Even if I eat these during today?

IF this is all you eat every day, yes you will lose weight but do you realize that you can eat a great deal more and STILL lose weight?Your body needs about 1500 calories a day, more if you are a t... Read More »

People!! Did I eat too much today Its evening here. Trying to lose weight!?

Yes it very good if your trying to eat less than 1200 calories. But next time avoid the butter because it is fatty. You're doing well!!!! I ate 736 calories today D: didnt realise my tea had so man... Read More »

So far today, are these meals good (dieting, trying to lose weight)?

No, you will get sick of this 'diet' in a matter of days. It's not enough food.