Will I see terrible, terrible things if i go on chatroulette?

Answer 1/10 fake suicide videos. 6/10 perverted people. 3/10 regulars.

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What's so terrible about flushing things down the toilet?

Greetings!I've worked in the plumbing trade since 1972 so I've learned from actual encounters in all these years that the following objects should not be flushed down the toilet bowl:False Teeth (t... Read More »

What's a terrible song?

Terrible period, anyone else with me?

Even though you're not sexually active, a low-dose birth control pill may help to ease off the intensity of the period related symptoms. There are several newer options (other than Yaz) that are a... Read More »

How to get rid of a terrible hang over?

smoke weed it will cure any hangover , or drink water and go back to sleep